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"To succeed you must execute and focus on the 5P's of business and life."

5P Promo is a consulting firm that assists businesses looking to grow within the promotional products industry.

We’ve built a team of knowledgeable professionals who bring experience and success into the world of promotional products. 5P Promo adopts an empathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the businesses and owners we assist by building a rapport with every level of employee in the company.

Ray Rodriquez, Owner

Ray Rodriguez has over 35 years of experience in the promotional products industry and in June of 2023 stepped down from his role as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Top 40 supplier Tekweld.

Rodriguez started his career with Bic Special Markets Division as an Assistant Zone Manager and assisted in increasing his division sales from $3 million to over $30 million.

During his tenure at Bic SMD, he held several positions such as Regional Manager, Premium, and Hotel specialist. He eventually left as Sales and Marketing Manager to start his own company, Multiline Marketing Group.

Rodriguez led MMG to become the largest independent manufacturer’s representative firm in the promotional products industry. In 2000, ASI Counselor Magazine voted Ray as one of top 13 people to watch in the industry. At its peak, MMG had 15 Regional Field Sales Managers and 5 internal office personnel, generating $55 million in sales for quality suppliers such as Pioneer Balloon, Evans Manufacturing, Dart, Senator Pen, and others.

After selling MMG in 2008, Rodriguez opened a real estate brokerage firm, “Florida Rays Realty,” in Sarasota, where he managed over $1 billion in 2 Real Estate Developments for Sarasota Development Corporation. During this time, Rodriquez kept one foot in the promotional product industry by aligning himself with a prominent Top 40 Distributor, selling promo to local businesses as an independent representative.

A large development group saw Rodriquez’s success and bought out Florida Rays Realty, which prompted Ray to get back into the Promo Industry full time. In 2013 he went back to the supplier side, assisting Gordon Sinclair, Maple Ridge, and the Apollo Line to grow their business in various sales management capacities.

For the past seven years, Ray has been responsible for setting the sales and marketing strategy for Tekweld, leading them to explosive growth all organically from 17 million to 50 million all organically, moving the company forward.


Ray Rodriguez

Chief Supplier Architect

A Chief Supplier Architect (CSA) designs and plans the overall structure, framework, and strategic direction of the business. The CSA is responsible with management and ownership for creating a blueprint or roadmap that outlines the key components and processes required to achieve the business’s goals and objectives.

The role of a CSA involves analyzing and understanding the organization’s current state, including its operations, systems, and resources. They then identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to optimize the business’s performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

A CSA is involved in various aspects of business development, such as:

  1. Strategy formulation: The CSA works closely with stakeholders to define the business’s vision, mission, and objectives. They assess market trends, competition, and customer needs to develop a strategic plan that aligns with the organization’s goals.
  2. Business process design: The CSA evaluates existing processes and identifies opportunities to streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and enhance productivity. They design new processes or re-engineer existing ones to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Organizational design: The CSA considers the organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities to ensure they are aligned with the business’s strategic objectives. They may recommend changes to reporting lines, team structures, and job descriptions to optimize collaboration and decision-making.
  4. Technology integration: In today’s digital age, architects play a crucial role in assessing and integrating technology solutions into the business. They identify appropriate systems, software, and tools that can support the business’s operations and enhance its competitive advantage.
  5. Change management: Implementing architectural changes within a business often requires managing the associated organizational and cultural shifts. The CSA helps facilitate change by communicating the rationale, benefits, and impacts of proposed changes to stakeholders and supporting them throughout the transition process.

Overall, a CSA in the context of building a business is a strategic thinker who combines analytical skills, industry knowledge, and business acumen to design and implement a well-structured and coherent framework that drives the success and growth of the organization.

Team Resources

Miranda Reilly

Miranda Reilly is a Marketing Professional who possesses a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess. Miranda’s expertise extends across various facets of marketing, including digital marketing, content creation, branding, and market research. Her creative eye and innovative ideas have been the driving force behind successful digital marketing campaigns and product launches. Her passion for all things marketing is evident in her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.

View Miranda’s Services

Adrina Rodriguez

Adrina Rodriguez is a media producer from Long Island, New York. After many years in marketing, she took the leap of
faith into a career in videography, and has now expanded into a full-time media producer and marketing agency.
Rodriguez is the proud founder of Next Door Creations, where she works closely with business owners and artists to help
them bring their visions to life by providing content creation, social media management, and marketing expertise. No
matter what the challenge is or how grand the idea, Rodriguez and her team work hard to make any idea a reality for
both her and her clients.

Aram Tessier

Aram Tessier is a highly accomplished Operational Consultant with over 24 years of experience in operational
management. With expertise in all aspects of printing, manufacturing, and office operations, Aram is a driving force in
print manufacturing efficiency. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and software solutions, Aram streamlines
processes, reduces errors, and accelerates turnaround times. Their hands-on approach and deep understanding of
print technologies and materials optimize production workflows and ensure high-quality outputs. Applying lean
manufacturing principles, Aram eliminates waste, optimizes workflows, and fosters a culture of continuous
improvement within print manufacturing operations.

Bernie Borges

Content Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Podcast Host 

Bernie Borges is currently Vice President, Global Content Marketing at iQor. He’s an Advisory Board member at the
University of South Florida Digital Marketing Certification Program. Bernie’s career spans more than three decades in
B2B marketing roles and sales roles in the technology sector. 
He is the author of Marketing 2.0, one of the earliest books on social media marketing. His most recent book is The
Midlife Career Reboot, a workbook-style guide for midlife professionals to find their next career chapter with confidence.

Bernie speaks annually at Content Marketing World. He has been recognized by industry peers, including Demandbase’s
25 Marketing Executives to Learn From in 2023, SEMRush’s Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers in 2022, and
Toprank’s Top 25 Content Marketing Experts in 2021.

Charity Gibson

Charity Gibson is a tenured marketing professional, driven entrepreneur, mentor, social media expert, speaker, experienced copywriter, and podcast host. Gibson helps individuals and professionals tell their brands’ stories using a variety of mediums; educate and mentor on brands, personal development, and business growth; and helps companies and organizations create unforgettable experiences.

Jason Parker

Jason Parker is the Vice President of Auto Tran, Inc., which specializes in Pad Printing Equipment and Supplies. Their equipment is used to print on odd shapes and surfaces such as golf balls, fishing lures, mugs and many other advertising products. Parker handles all requests in a very courteous and expedient manner, while offering additional ideas for future implementation.

Scott A. Nussinow

Scott A. Nussinow, MAS is the executive vice president for leading industry services provider, ArtworkServicesUSA / AWS. He served on the PPAI Board of Directors as well as on many Association committees. He’s been an industry speaker for PPAI, as well as Regionals, and co-facilitated a PPAI President’s Forum. Scott has held multiple senior-level leadership positions with industry Suppliers and services providers, including PPAI – since 1977. His background includes marketing, communications, process, operations and technology.
AWS provides Suppliers with award-winning, Distributor-centric websites, ERP systems built on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and optimized for the promo industry, and outsourced back-office services teams – including order entry, artwork, proofing, customer service, technology and more.
Unlike any other industry resource, AWS is positioned to assist in the development and integration of various enterprise tools and functions, providing turnkey solutions for Suppliers of all sizes.


Paradise Creative Group

Paradise Creative Group is a full-service marketing agency that offers full or partial marketing support and consultation services customized for our clients needs. They specialize in digital and print marketing. Paradise’s wide-array of experts can help you generate sales, increase brand awareness, keep your website up-to-date, and much more. The team at Paradise Creative Group is goal-minded, solution-oriented, and assists in the development and growth of businesses with the common goal of accomplishing continued success in life.

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