"Procrastination is the assassination of motivation."

"The Supplier Whisperer"

Ray Rodriguez CSA

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

The formula for success in any business is ‘Plan your work, then work your plan.’ Over the past 35-plus years, Ray has assisted suppliers and distributors in establishing enduring partnerships, fostering strong connections through innovative ideas, and delivering solutions that facilitate the growth of their respective businesses. Our step-by-step 5P process is designed to empower your brand and equip your business with the necessary sales, marketing, and infrastructure tools for successful growth.

What is a Supplier Whisperer?

“Oh, let me tell you about Ray Rodriguez – the fantastic friend, boss, and mentor extraordinaire! This guy is like a superhero of support, always ready to swoop in and rescue your performance from any villains of mediocrity! But wait, there’s more! Not only does he have a secret stash of wisdom to help you conquer challenges, but he’s also a wizard at making sure your wellbeing is on point. It’s like having your very own magical life coach!

So, if you want to turn your organization into a powerhouse of success, do yourself a favor and hitch a ride on the Ray Rodriguez train! Trust me, it’s a journey filled with laughter, growth, and a sprinkle of unicorn dust!”


The goal of the 5P process is to become an extension of your business by comprehensively understanding every aspect, from ordering raw materials to the shipment process. There are multiple steps involved, and we strive to incorporate the 5P’s of business in all our efforts.

As we navigate through the process, we focus on understanding your most valuable asset: your people. In addition, we delve into various departments such as sales, marketing, customer service, inventory control, accounts payable, and more.

Leveraging our resources, we develop a customized plan tailored to your current circumstances and future growth. Our aim is to diligently follow the outlined plan, ensuring a swift and seamless journey toward achieving our shared objective.

An Industry Leader
in Promotional Products

Over the years, Ray has partnered with numerous forward-thinking suppliers, all of whom have faced challenges during their growth journey. The crucial aspect, as mentioned before, is to remain one step ahead of the growth by accurately predicting the development. The most effective and seamless approach to achieve this is by implementing the 5P’s at every stage. Additionally, it is vital to communicate the plan to your team and involve them whenever possible. This way, they will feel a sense of ownership and buy-in and be enthusiastic about witnessing the successful implementation of the plan they have contributed to.

Committed to
Serving Our Suppliers

The goal of the partnership is to develop a more thoughtful and innovative business plan for the Supplier. 5P is dedicated to helping our suppliers achieve significant milestones and generate faster returns. We have successfully unlocked the secret to success, which lies in the 5P formula.

Our Consulting Service

includes but is not limited to working on sales, marketing, shows, promotions, products, customer service, inside sales, outside sales, accounts receivable, account base analysis, incentives, evaluating existing employees, vendors, competitive analysis, increase production efficiency, and increasing market share.

About Ray

Ray Rodriguez is a well-known face in the promotional products industry. With over 35 years in the industry, Rodriquez was recently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Top 40 supplier Tekweld, based out of Hauppauge, NY.

Starting his career with Bic Special Markets Division as an Assistant Zone Manager, he helped take the division from $3 million to over $30 million in sales. While at Bic SMD, he held several positions, such as Regional Manager, Premium, and Hotel Specialist. He eventually left as Sales and Marketing Manager to start his own company, Multiline Marketing Group.

Rodriguez has assembled a group of talented entrepreneurs who are experts in the field. You have access to their services separate from 5P Promo.

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