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Ray adopts an empathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the business and its owners. One of the major objectives is building a rapport with every level of employee in the company and instilling discipline and respect to make sure a solid culture is in place through creative and empowering training techniques that are grounded in understanding human behavior. 

The foundation of a good whisperer is the combination of a calm and confident approach. We are emotionally intelligent creatures, so by acting with confidence, you communicate to your team that you are a strong and effective leader without having to resort to harsh disciplinarian techniques. The goal is to have your team follow you into battle because they respect you, not fear you.

A whisperer recognizes that employees are complex individuals and has a true desire to understand and respond to their needs. This involves spending time with your employees and paying close attention to their business and personal needs, understanding how their senses work, and their instinctual behaviors.

The key to being a good whisperer is to listen twice as much as you talk to have a true understanding, as well as adopt a core value that your most valuable assets are your employees.

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