The strength of your company’s mission resides in your employees’ conviction and passion.

The Mission Of Any Business Is Not To Make Money

It is to create value for its stakeholders (employees, customers, stockholders, etc.) and as a result of this, to generate financial gains for all. Your people should be your most valued asset.

Writing a business mission statement is just the beginning

The fuel of your mission is when your employees see the mission of your company as a dignified purpose that transcends any temporary financial gains – making just a return in the stockholders’ interest does not motivate any workforce.

”Oxygen is not the purpose of our human lives, but we would not be able to live without it.
A business needs to make money, but it is not its mission.”

The job is to translate
your company's mission

into a noble purpose in the eyes of your workforce – you have to get to the point where your employees visualize your company’s mission as a noble purpose that rises above any short-term financial profits. We must tap into the Human Condition and make the employees feel they have ownership of the growth. We always tell people not to worry about the company’s brand; if you take care of your personal brand, you will take care of the company’s brand. Take pride in all you do, as little as it may seem.

We must frame the work of your employees

as part of a deep and rewarding purpose (your company’s mission) that your workforce finds fulfilling – your mission provides meaning to your people and to the workplace.

Now Let’s Build Your Team

Ray will assist you in evaluating your current team to see if they are being appropriately utilized in the company, identifying stars and what gets them fired up! Part of our responsibilities will evaluate:

Outside Sales Team

Inside CSR a Sales Team

Key Account Program

Marketing Team

Production Team

Accounting Team

Inventory Team

Shipping Team

Management Team

Ownership Team

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